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1953 Cessna 180 before 

1953 Cessna 180 after

We removed the instrument panel and com 2 radio, all the instruments, re plumbed and re wired. We installed a CGR-30P and replaced all the previous engine instruments, to include tach, manifold pressure, oil temp, oil pressure, carb temp CHT&EGT amps, volts, and fuel flow. We rearranged the panel into a modern 6 pack configuration and was able to squeeze the Garmin 530 into the upper panel. The early 180's have a T control column and it would interfere with center stack radios. In addition to the install of the G530 we also installed a garmin GTX335 to comply with the 2020 ADS-B mandate.  

Here is a 1966 Cessna 180 that we did a total restoration on. The panel already had the G500 and 430, but we cut a new instrument panel for the left side to make a cleaner layout for the back up instruments. We cut a new right hand panel to incorporate the new installation of the EI MVP-50. The entire aircraft was re wired, new throttle, mixture and prop controls were installed. All new glass and glare shield were also installed. The entire aircraft was stripped and re painted. A P-PONK 470-50 and 86" Black mac prop was added, along with the sportsman stol and micro VG's 

1968 PA-18 Restoration

Here is our current project. It's a 1968 piper supercub restoration project that is nearing completion. The panel was re made to incorporate a new install of an EI CGR-30P, Trig TY91 Com, TT22 mode s transponder. The air speed and altimeter are 2-1/4" for lighter weight. The Garmin 796 sits in the center of the panel in an air gizmos mount. Stay tuned for updates on the supercub. The panel will be satin black and incorporate white lettering for all the placards.

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