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Covering a wing

Here we have the supercub wing ready to cover. The leading edges were replaced due to denting over its life. All the old glue gets scrubbed off and tape gets put over all sharp edges, including all the screw heads. The wires were run for nav and strobe lights, smaller wire is used for the landing light. These are modified for one light in each wing instead of two lights in the left wing. We are going to be using Aero LED pulsing lights for better recognition, along with there pulsar nav strobe combination.

Next you lay out the fabric and start gluing. Make sure to keep the seam straight along the leading edge.

Once you glue the leading edge, and trailing edge and tip bow you can flip it over to start the other side.

You glue a small piece in the aileron cove before you glue the tip fabric on

It always helps to have a couple extra sets of hands when gluing and keeping the seam straight.

After the fabric is all glued down and dried you can start shrinking.

It helps to have an airplane handy to go flying while waiting for glue to dry

Once the fabric is tight you can start laying out the rib stitching.

Then the fun begins of stitching. It takes some time.

Each chalk line gets a stitch on each of the 16 ribs, and the stitching cord goes all the way from the top to the bottom of the wing.

After all the rib stitching is completed, its time to start putting on reinforcing tapes.

At this time you also put the inspection rings on too.

After a brush coat of poly brush its time to spray.

The wing is in the rotisserie to ease spraying. It can be rotated so get all the sides.

The poly brush being sprayed is the pink color. It acts as a filler.

Next is coats of the poly spray, It's silver and the UV blocker

More poly spray.

Completely sprayed, ready to be sanded and sprayed again.

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